10 Games to Try on PSVR

One of the post popular items on Gaifong — PlayStation VR Headset for home use

Since hitting store shelves earlier in 2017, the PlayStation VR system has been praised by its ease of use, ease of installation, and the strength of its gaming titles.

Compared to other “room-scale VR systems”, the PlayStation VR can be plugged into the HDMI socket of your PlayStation 4 console and is ready to play. You can even use the same console controllers!

Best thing, the gaming titles are not just for hardcore gamers. They’re for everyone. Whether it’s trying to keep monkeys away from your bananas by shooting soft arrows at them, or battling aliens in a tank, the titles on offer are designed to appeal all gamers.

Our Editors have had the chance to one of the many PlayStation VR systems available on Gaifong. Here are 10 top games we think you should try!

1. Ocean Odessey — Put on the headset, and you find yourself into a metal cage, being lowered deeper and deeper into the ocean — manta rays, glowing jellyfish, trenches and corals. It’s all there. A awe-inspiring introduction to the world of VR!

2. Driveclub VR — Fancy driving a Ferrari in VR? Yep, we thought so too! The graphics are so realistic that even the reflection in the rearview mirrors and the raindrops on the windshield are realistically rendered. Keep your eye no the road, though!

3. Biohazard/Resident Evil — For thrill-seekers out there, this is a must-try. The latest entry to the franchise features the usual dark rooms, flickering lights, and zombies. The difference? They quite literally jump out at you!

4. Ae Banana — with a bow and arrow (well, plumber, actually), you must prevent a troupe of monkeys from stealing your bananas! Using the two Motion Controllers (also available for rent from most lenders), shoot as though you had a real bow and arrow in your hand.

5. London Heist — the demo disc version includes a shooting range practice. Using two motion controllers, which double as your hands, you can pick up pistols in front of you, load the magazine, and fire at a range of targets that will pop up around you. The reloading action is smooth and intuitive, allowing for a precise shooting experience.

6. RIGS — described as the “mechanised combat league”, this game is a cross between Gundam and Capture the Flags. Sit in the cockpit of your robot fighter, and defeat your opponents in a timed match of strategy and wits.

7. Tumble VR — people are often surprised to learn that VR isn’t just about shooters and combat sports. This title proves that point very well — arrange blocks, mirrors, lasers, to achieve certain goals and targets. The use of space is unique: at times, you need to carefully rotate a block in your hand so that it fits between two pieces! Young kids will love this one.

8. Battlezone — the classic tank game is back in VR! Travel around a map to shoot down enemies using a cannon to Gatlin gun. If you’re lucky, you get an big Electro-Magnetic Pulse!

9. Until Dawn VR — if shooting games is your Forte, London Heist, and you also have a penchant for a good scare, then you’ll love this one. As you sit inside a roller coaster cart, enemies ranging from monsters, clowns, to even a giant ragon, will spring up at you. Duck rafters, and reload as quick as you can to avoid ending up as someone else’s dinner!

10. Allumette — Finally, we’ll end with one of the most creative uses of VR. Allumette (“match” in French) is actually a movie, where you get to change your viewing perspective and move around the characters. Want to see what the protagonist is writing in her diary? You must peer closer and lean in. A guaranteed tear-jerker!

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