10 things you should rent rather than buy in Hong Kong

So little space… 

1. Virtual Reality Systems

We’ve all seen videos like the one below. Virtual Reality is the future of tech and communications. However, right now in 2018, it is still too expensive! The headsets alone will set up back a few thousand. But it’s the powerful PCs that must be connected to the headsets, that drive up the cost.

Editor’s Tips: VR Rentals start from HK$900 a day. Split the cost with friends!

You save: HK$18,000 (vs buying)

2. GoPros

A new model comes out every year, it’s hard to give up! Why not just rent when you need it? After all, how many times do you go scuba-diving or skiing? But once you’re up there on the mountains, wow. What an experience.

Editor’s Tips: Great for snorkeling! For deeper dives, rent a casing.

You save: HK$4,000 (vs buying)

3. 360 Cameras

More a toy than anything useful… rent and try for a weekend. But for those one or two occassions where you need them, it’s really something!

Editor’s Tips: Use together with Facebook and Youtube 360 for a new travel photos sharing experience.

You save: HK$1,500 (vs. buying)

4. Digital SLR Cameras

There are over 1,000 of bodies and lenses ou tthere in the market… why limit yourself to one? Go rent, rather than buy. Use a Sony A7 one weekend; the Canon 5D the next, and a Nikon D850 the next… feeling creative? Try a Contax T3!

Too many to choose from! …. Why not just rent?

Editor’s Tips: Try something below HK$100 a day if it’s your first time. If you’re already a pro, go forHK $500–1,000 a day range.

You save: Up to HK$25,000 (vs. buying)

5. Nintendo Switch

Let’s have a Mario Mart Tournament! Rent for your kids, nephews, nieces, for school holidays. Comes with up to 4 controllers for a grand melee!

Editor’s Tips: Most sets on Gaifong come with multiple games.

You save: HK$8,000 (vs. buying console + games)

6. PlayStation 4

FIFA, NBA2K18, Gran Turismo… these are all classic titles we love. But let’s face it, if you’re moving up your career ladder and are busy with kids, you probably won’t have much time to touch the machine, even if you bought it. Just rent one from your neighbours for holidays!

Editor’s Tips: Rent cool accessories like Driving Wheels, and PlayStation VR headsets as well.

You save: HK$6,000 (vs. buying)

7. Traveller’s Backpacks

Travel in style by renting a 60L backpacks—especially if you’re going somewhere more adventurous (and fewer paved roads!) Choose from our incredible range of backpacks and travel equipments.

You save: HK$2,000 (vs. buying) … and TONS of space

8. Drones + Goggles

Awaken the pilot in you! Try different drone models and master your skills, from the light and nimble DJI Spark, to the professional quality Phantom 4. Rent for a video project — return when done!

You can be a drone pilot too!

Editor’s Tips: Check your city’s no-fly zones before you kick it off!

You save: HK$5,000-$15,000 (vs. buying)

9. Recording Equipment

Whether you want to record a song for a loved one, or shoot a corporate video for your company, you’ll soon fine out that the microphone on your iPhone just won’t cut it. Play it back, and you might as well be beaming in from the Space Station!

Editor’s Tips: Clip-on mics are great for interviews. For music recording, get a Zoom recorder.

You save: HK$12,000 (vs. buying)

10. Wedding Decorations

How many times are you going to get married? Probably just once! Every year, couples waste a ton of resources and money on things for the banquet: popcorn machines for their guests; props for Chinese tea ceremony; fog machines; Instant Photo stations.

Have an environmentally friendly wedding.

Editor’s Tips: In the Gaifong mobile app, go to ‘Weddings’ section.

You save: HK$19,000 (vs. buying)

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