6 myths about flying drones

Drones are going to be a ubiquitous part of the future. The past few years alone have seen an industry grow from a few million to a few billion dollars, with applications ranging from military to agriculture, and now, in the hands of consumers.

There are drones that can fly 60km/h and race around tracks. Others can fit into your pocket — not much bigger than your iPad mini. Still, others are big, sturdy, and can even carry packages. But the truth is, many are afraid to try. If you’re one of those people, then scroll down, and take a look at the 6 myths about drone-flying — debunked.

Myth #1 — I need special training to fly a drone

Photo: DJI

Most people think that you need hours and hours of training just to steer a drone. The truth is, you can master the basic controls just 3 minutes! You can take off, and land safely, most drones on Gaifong.  Most higher-end drones on the market now have auto-takeoff, auto-landing, and obstacle avoidance functions. Even if you accidentally drop the controller, the drone stays in mid-air! Battery life goes up to 20+ minutes, if you feel lazy, just tap a button and call it home — it’ll fly itself back to where it took off!

Myth #2 — I don’t have a car — it’s too big to carry

Well, if you’re renting a military drone (which, of course, isn’t available on Gaifong…), then maybe it can be bulky. But most consumer drones can fit into a small suitcase. The DJI Mavic Pro can be folded and put into a small-sized backpack or even handbag! The DJI Spark? Even smaller!

Myth #3 — If I damage a rented drone, I’ll have to pay for the whole thing

Well, if you drove it into the ocean on purpose, and pour water on it, then yes, you have to pay for it! But of, you just have to pay for any lost or broken parts, and small repair costs. Normal wear and tear is expected, such as scratches — just talk to the Owner about it beforehand!

Myth #4 — Drones are illegal to fly in Hong Kong

Drones are indeed illegal to fly… if you’re in an airport, that is. In most other places, they are perfectly legal to fly. But remember — avoid crowds, buildings, and not go higher than 120m. Here’s a list of government guidance about flying drones in Hong Kong.

Myth #5 — There’s nowhere to fly drone in Hong Kong

If you’re in Mongkok, then indeed! Nowhere to fly! BUT, you can take a quick minivan or bus to Jordan Valley Park, Cyberport park, or any other open country park, then you’re in drone heaven. Just remember — always maintain a line of sight with the drone, and don’t go too far!

Myth #6 — Only professionals fly drones

Well, by now, we hope that you’re convinced that even beginners can experience the joy of drone-flying. Go with a friend and take turns, and keep a steady thumb. With 3 minutes of practice, you too can make stunning videos like these!

So what are you waiting for? Borrow a drone in the Gaifong mobile app or browse the catalogue online (no download needed).

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