How to refer friends and earn rewards

Refer a friend. They get $50HKD off their first rental!

Some things in life are better shared.

A beautiful sunset.
A celebration for a promotion at work.
And of course, discounts and promos from your favourite online community!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the App -> Promo Code 
  2. Copy your unique promo code (e.g. MYGRP17)
  3. When a friend borrows something on Gaifong, they can enter this to get $50 HKD (or equivalent in local currency discount!)
  4. If their rental is successful, you will also get the same discount for your next rental.
How to find your referral code

You can refer as many friends as you would like. In short, your next rental could practically be free.

The more friends you refer, the more you save.

Thank you for sharing about us!

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Understanding the Rentals Process

Welcome to Gaifong! To protect the safety and security of both borrower and lender, Gaifong acts as a middleman through our e-payments system, so that borrowers don’t have to worry about owners leaving with their security deposits, and owners can be assured that borrowers will return their items on time.

In short, this is how the rental process works

  • The borrower provides payments details when making a reservation in the system.
  • When the owner accepts, the borrower’s payment method is charged.
  • The money will first go to Gaifong, and will then be released to the owner on Day 2 of the rental period. 
  • The Security Deposit amount is not charged—it is only authorised on the borrower’s payment method. 
  • The Security Deposit hold will lapse 2 days after the rental period.

NEW: Borrowers also need to go through an ID check with our system before they can borrow expensive items, such as cameras or lenses.

For more questions, consult the Help Centre inside the app, or talk with one of our customer representatives. Happy renting!

How to apply a Promo Code

Get amazing discounts using Promo Codes.

In Gaifong, we offer many ways for you to save. You can get promo codes in many ways:

– A friend referred you
– You referred a friend (learn more about referral rewards)
– A seasonal promotion (e.g. from our Facebook page)
Level-up rewards

  1. Choose an item
  2. Enter promo code at checkout
  3. Send reservation

That’s it! 

Begin your Gaifong journey today. Get the app or browse items first (no download needed).

Introducing: Gaifong Rewards

The more you rent, the more you earn.

From the smallest travel bluetooth speaker, to the most sophisticated 3D Printers, Gaifong is your go-to place to borrow single-use items. 

Every time you complete a small action on Gaifong—whether it’s posting an item, referring a friend, fulfilling a Wish—you can earn badges and points. Once you hit certain points milestones (see below) you will get a level-up reward. Rewards are in the form of unique discount codes which you can apply to your next rental!

Here are a list of the first 5 levels you can attain. Rewards are giving out via email, so do make sure your email is up to date!

Level 1 (Newbie): 0–2 pts
Just getting started! Earn easy points with badges like Wanderer or Good Student.

Level 2 (Beginner): 3–9 pts
$20 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 3 (Apprentice): 10–79 pts
$50 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 4 (Warrior) 80–279 pts
$100 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 5 (Expert): 280–499 pts
$100 rental credits off your next rental.
Free T-shirt designed by Gaifong!

For more information, consult the Rewards section in the mobile app.

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