Getting Your Rental Items Noticed: 5 SEO Essential Tips

Gaifong, ‘neighbours’ in Cantonese, is your go-to place for borrowing and lending spare items lying around—such as camera lenses or GoPros.

But with over 18,000+ items on our platform, how does one go about getting items noticed? In internet lingo, what’s the best “SEO” strategy specific to the Gaifong platform? 

Here are our top 5 tips. We’ll explore these one by one:

  • Include a High-Quality Photo
  • Optimise Item Titles
  • Offer Multiple Pick-up Locations
  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
  • Make Your Description Informative

1. Include a High-Quality Photo

This one is obvious, but many people forget this part! Sometimes when you fulfil a Wish or add items from Suggestions, your listing is made without an actual photo.

Under your Profile Page, identify all the items with no photos and add one as soon as you can. Without a photo, they won’t appear in search results.

2. Optimise Item Titles

What’s special about your GoPro Hero 4? Or your PlayStation? After all, tons of people have those. Limit your item title to around 30 characters to make sure they display fully in all screen sizes. Include interesting details that make your stand out:


GoPro Hero 5


GoPro Hero 5 (with memory card)


GoPro Hero 5 (with memory card) — Week: $300

3. Offer Multiple Pick-up Locations

Most people search for items based on location, rather than price. After all, what good is a HK$30-per-day Nintendo Switch if it’s all the way on Lamma Island?

Under Item Details > Pick-up Locations, it is a good idea to include as many locations as possible. For example, if you live in Fan Ling but work in Tin Hau, and you’re listing a small item that is easily transportable, such as a GoPro or a 360 camera, then you can list in all these places.

Even better: list in locations where your colleagues and family members live or work — they can help with meet-ups! Enlist their help.

4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

Items with at least 1 review are much more likely to be rented out than those with 0 reviews. In fact, reviews are the single most important variable when it comes to item popularity!

To get your first review, you may want to temporarily lower your item price, or offer short-term discounts. Watch the reviews grow after your first one!

5. Make Your Description Informative

Lastly, did you know that our search algorithm crawls through item descriptions too? Use this to include associated keywords for your items. 

If you’re in a place in Hong Kong where people might be using two languages, make sure you include both Chinese and English keywords. If you’re renting out your drone, make sure you mention that batteries are included too—sometimes, people just need to borrow batteries and not the whole drone. 

The better your description, the clearer the picture people will have about your items. When compared with other similar items or models, yours will therefore get more expressions of interests and conversions.

Happy hunting!

Want to list items to rent out onto Gaifong? Get the app and snap away, or write to to list without downloading.

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