How to refer friends and earn rewards

Refer a friend. They get $50HKD off their first rental!

Some things in life are better shared.

A beautiful sunset.
A celebration for a promotion at work.
And of course, discounts and promos from your favourite online community!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the App -> Promo Code 
  2. Copy your unique promo code (e.g. MYGRP17)
  3. When a friend borrows something on Gaifong, they can enter this to get $50 HKD (or equivalent in local currency discount!)
  4. If their rental is successful, you will also get the same discount for your next rental.
How to find your referral code

You can refer as many friends as you would like. In short, your next rental could practically be free.

The more friends you refer, the more you save.

Thank you for sharing about us!

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How does Gaifong protect my items?

At Gaifong, there is nothing more important to us than the safety of your items. In this article, we will cover the ways in which lending out your equipment on Gaifong is safe and secure.

  1. The Security Deposit System
  2. ID Checks
  3. Fraud-checking using Stripe Radar

1. The Security Deposit System

As mentioned in previous blog posts and inside the app itself, the Security Deposit system is the cornerstone of safety on Gaifong. 

When you list an item onto Gaifong, you must state a security deposit amount. This amount must be at least 50% of the item’s value.

When a borrower rents your item, the security deposit amount you stated will be frozen on his or her payment method. What this means is that they will not run away or damage your item without consequences—the deposit is already authorised on their payment method. 

For example, you’re renting out your Canon 5D—a popular model on our platform, you could put a deposit as $9,000 HKD (~$1,300 USD). This amount will be held on the borrower’s card, making sure they don’t run away. 

2. ID Checks

All borrowers of equipment above $5,000 HKD (~$700 USD) will be asked to go through an ID check. Currently, you will be asked to upload a copy of your HKID or passport, along with a photo of yourself holding this. This ensures that the borrower is who they say they are, and that they are not using a false identity. 

Report the following situation to us immediately:

  • If someone requests you to send money to them outside of Gaifong
  • If a person asks you for an exemption of the security deposit

This is a red flag for suspicious behaviour, and we will be able to investigate and blacklist such users immediately. 

Learn more about security deposits in the FAQ section inside the app.

3. Fraud-checking using Stripe Radar

Gaifong uses Stripe as our payments gateway partner.

Lastly, Gaifong’s bookings System is supported by Stripe, a PCI Level-1 (highest) payment gateway trusted by many major online businesses, including Lyft, Shopify, and Deliveroo. All information is sent through secure connection, and never reaches Gaifong’s servers.

When a borrower submits their payment information, Stripe automatically checks this against all past transactions to identify suspicious or stolen cards. Borrowers also need to enter details such as address, CCV, and full name, to make sure that they are not using a stolen identity or payment method. 

As an Owner, therefore always insist that the Borrower books through the system, so that they can go through the security check.

Bottom line: the Gaifong booking system protects your items and keeps out thieves and evildoers. We will update our security measures periodically to be even more airtight. For suggestions and questions, please reach out to us through the Help Centre in the app.

(last updated: Aug 30, 2018)

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Understanding the Rentals Process

Welcome to Gaifong! To protect the safety and security of both borrower and lender, Gaifong acts as a middleman through our e-payments system, so that borrowers don’t have to worry about owners leaving with their security deposits, and owners can be assured that borrowers will return their items on time.

In short, this is how the rental process works

  • The borrower provides payments details when making a reservation in the system.
  • When the owner accepts, the borrower’s payment method is charged.
  • The money will first go to Gaifong, and will then be released to the owner on Day 2 of the rental period. 
  • The Security Deposit amount is not charged—it is only authorised on the borrower’s payment method. 
  • The Security Deposit hold will lapse 2 days after the rental period.

NEW: Borrowers also need to go through an ID check with our system before they can borrow expensive items, such as cameras or lenses.

For more questions, consult the Help Centre inside the app, or talk with one of our customer representatives. Happy renting!

6 myths about flying drones

Drones are going to be a ubiquitous part of the future. The past few years alone have seen an industry grow from a few million to a few billion dollars, with applications ranging from military to agriculture, and now, in the hands of consumers.

There are drones that can fly 60km/h and race around tracks. Others can fit into your pocket — not much bigger than your iPad mini. Still, others are big, sturdy, and can even carry packages. But the truth is, many are afraid to try. If you’re one of those people, then scroll down, and take a look at the 6 myths about drone-flying — debunked.

Myth #1 — I need special training to fly a drone

Photo: DJI

Most people think that you need hours and hours of training just to steer a drone. The truth is, you can master the basic controls just 3 minutes! You can take off, and land safely, most drones on Gaifong.  Most higher-end drones on the market now have auto-takeoff, auto-landing, and obstacle avoidance functions. Even if you accidentally drop the controller, the drone stays in mid-air! Battery life goes up to 20+ minutes, if you feel lazy, just tap a button and call it home — it’ll fly itself back to where it took off!

Myth #2 — I don’t have a car — it’s too big to carry

Well, if you’re renting a military drone (which, of course, isn’t available on Gaifong…), then maybe it can be bulky. But most consumer drones can fit into a small suitcase. The DJI Mavic Pro can be folded and put into a small-sized backpack or even handbag! The DJI Spark? Even smaller!

Myth #3 — If I damage a rented drone, I’ll have to pay for the whole thing

Well, if you drove it into the ocean on purpose, and pour water on it, then yes, you have to pay for it! But of, you just have to pay for any lost or broken parts, and small repair costs. Normal wear and tear is expected, such as scratches — just talk to the Owner about it beforehand!

Myth #4 — Drones are illegal to fly in Hong Kong

Drones are indeed illegal to fly… if you’re in an airport, that is. In most other places, they are perfectly legal to fly. But remember — avoid crowds, buildings, and not go higher than 120m. Here’s a list of government guidance about flying drones in Hong Kong.

Myth #5 — There’s nowhere to fly drone in Hong Kong

If you’re in Mongkok, then indeed! Nowhere to fly! BUT, you can take a quick minivan or bus to Jordan Valley Park, Cyberport park, or any other open country park, then you’re in drone heaven. Just remember — always maintain a line of sight with the drone, and don’t go too far!

Myth #6 — Only professionals fly drones

Well, by now, we hope that you’re convinced that even beginners can experience the joy of drone-flying. Go with a friend and take turns, and keep a steady thumb. With 3 minutes of practice, you too can make stunning videos like these!

So what are you waiting for? Borrow a drone in the Gaifong mobile app or browse the catalogue online (no download needed).

Getting Your Rental Items Noticed: 5 SEO Essential Tips

Gaifong, ‘neighbours’ in Cantonese, is your go-to place for borrowing and lending spare items lying around—such as camera lenses or GoPros.

But with over 18,000+ items on our platform, how does one go about getting items noticed? In internet lingo, what’s the best “SEO” strategy specific to the Gaifong platform? 

Here are our top 5 tips. We’ll explore these one by one:

  • Include a High-Quality Photo
  • Optimise Item Titles
  • Offer Multiple Pick-up Locations
  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
  • Make Your Description Informative

1. Include a High-Quality Photo

This one is obvious, but many people forget this part! Sometimes when you fulfil a Wish or add items from Suggestions, your listing is made without an actual photo.

Under your Profile Page, identify all the items with no photos and add one as soon as you can. Without a photo, they won’t appear in search results.

2. Optimise Item Titles

What’s special about your GoPro Hero 4? Or your PlayStation? After all, tons of people have those. Limit your item title to around 30 characters to make sure they display fully in all screen sizes. Include interesting details that make your stand out:


GoPro Hero 5


GoPro Hero 5 (with memory card)


GoPro Hero 5 (with memory card) — Week: $300

3. Offer Multiple Pick-up Locations

Most people search for items based on location, rather than price. After all, what good is a HK$30-per-day Nintendo Switch if it’s all the way on Lamma Island?

Under Item Details > Pick-up Locations, it is a good idea to include as many locations as possible. For example, if you live in Fan Ling but work in Tin Hau, and you’re listing a small item that is easily transportable, such as a GoPro or a 360 camera, then you can list in all these places.

Even better: list in locations where your colleagues and family members live or work — they can help with meet-ups! Enlist their help.

4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

Items with at least 1 review are much more likely to be rented out than those with 0 reviews. In fact, reviews are the single most important variable when it comes to item popularity!

To get your first review, you may want to temporarily lower your item price, or offer short-term discounts. Watch the reviews grow after your first one!

5. Make Your Description Informative

Lastly, did you know that our search algorithm crawls through item descriptions too? Use this to include associated keywords for your items. 

If you’re in a place in Hong Kong where people might be using two languages, make sure you include both Chinese and English keywords. If you’re renting out your drone, make sure you mention that batteries are included too—sometimes, people just need to borrow batteries and not the whole drone. 

The better your description, the clearer the picture people will have about your items. When compared with other similar items or models, yours will therefore get more expressions of interests and conversions.

Happy hunting!

Want to list items to rent out onto Gaifong? Get the app and snap away, or write to to list without downloading.

10 things you should rent rather than buy in Hong Kong

So little space… 

1. Virtual Reality Systems

We’ve all seen videos like the one below. Virtual Reality is the future of tech and communications. However, right now in 2018, it is still too expensive! The headsets alone will set up back a few thousand. But it’s the powerful PCs that must be connected to the headsets, that drive up the cost.

Editor’s Tips: VR Rentals start from HK$900 a day. Split the cost with friends!

You save: HK$18,000 (vs buying)

2. GoPros

A new model comes out every year, it’s hard to give up! Why not just rent when you need it? After all, how many times do you go scuba-diving or skiing? But once you’re up there on the mountains, wow. What an experience.

Editor’s Tips: Great for snorkeling! For deeper dives, rent a casing.

You save: HK$4,000 (vs buying)

3. 360 Cameras

More a toy than anything useful… rent and try for a weekend. But for those one or two occassions where you need them, it’s really something!

Editor’s Tips: Use together with Facebook and Youtube 360 for a new travel photos sharing experience.

You save: HK$1,500 (vs. buying)

4. Digital SLR Cameras

There are over 1,000 of bodies and lenses ou tthere in the market… why limit yourself to one? Go rent, rather than buy. Use a Sony A7 one weekend; the Canon 5D the next, and a Nikon D850 the next… feeling creative? Try a Contax T3!

Too many to choose from! …. Why not just rent?

Editor’s Tips: Try something below HK$100 a day if it’s your first time. If you’re already a pro, go forHK $500–1,000 a day range.

You save: Up to HK$25,000 (vs. buying)

5. Nintendo Switch

Let’s have a Mario Mart Tournament! Rent for your kids, nephews, nieces, for school holidays. Comes with up to 4 controllers for a grand melee!

Editor’s Tips: Most sets on Gaifong come with multiple games.

You save: HK$8,000 (vs. buying console + games)

6. PlayStation 4

FIFA, NBA2K18, Gran Turismo… these are all classic titles we love. But let’s face it, if you’re moving up your career ladder and are busy with kids, you probably won’t have much time to touch the machine, even if you bought it. Just rent one from your neighbours for holidays!

Editor’s Tips: Rent cool accessories like Driving Wheels, and PlayStation VR headsets as well.

You save: HK$6,000 (vs. buying)

7. Traveller’s Backpacks

Travel in style by renting a 60L backpacks—especially if you’re going somewhere more adventurous (and fewer paved roads!) Choose from our incredible range of backpacks and travel equipments.

You save: HK$2,000 (vs. buying) … and TONS of space

8. Drones + Goggles

Awaken the pilot in you! Try different drone models and master your skills, from the light and nimble DJI Spark, to the professional quality Phantom 4. Rent for a video project — return when done!

You can be a drone pilot too!

Editor’s Tips: Check your city’s no-fly zones before you kick it off!

You save: HK$5,000-$15,000 (vs. buying)

9. Recording Equipment

Whether you want to record a song for a loved one, or shoot a corporate video for your company, you’ll soon fine out that the microphone on your iPhone just won’t cut it. Play it back, and you might as well be beaming in from the Space Station!

Editor’s Tips: Clip-on mics are great for interviews. For music recording, get a Zoom recorder.

You save: HK$12,000 (vs. buying)

10. Wedding Decorations

How many times are you going to get married? Probably just once! Every year, couples waste a ton of resources and money on things for the banquet: popcorn machines for their guests; props for Chinese tea ceremony; fog machines; Instant Photo stations.

Have an environmentally friendly wedding.

Editor’s Tips: In the Gaifong mobile app, go to ‘Weddings’ section.

You save: HK$19,000 (vs. buying)

 Get the app or browse items (no download needed).

How to apply a Promo Code

Get amazing discounts using Promo Codes.

In Gaifong, we offer many ways for you to save. You can get promo codes in many ways:

– A friend referred you
– You referred a friend (learn more about referral rewards)
– A seasonal promotion (e.g. from our Facebook page)
Level-up rewards

  1. Choose an item
  2. Enter promo code at checkout
  3. Send reservation

That’s it! 

Begin your Gaifong journey today. Get the app or browse items first (no download needed).

10 Games to Try on PSVR

One of the post popular items on Gaifong — PlayStation VR Headset for home use

Since hitting store shelves earlier in 2017, the PlayStation VR system has been praised by its ease of use, ease of installation, and the strength of its gaming titles.

Compared to other “room-scale VR systems”, the PlayStation VR can be plugged into the HDMI socket of your PlayStation 4 console and is ready to play. You can even use the same console controllers!

Best thing, the gaming titles are not just for hardcore gamers. They’re for everyone. Whether it’s trying to keep monkeys away from your bananas by shooting soft arrows at them, or battling aliens in a tank, the titles on offer are designed to appeal all gamers.

Our Editors have had the chance to one of the many PlayStation VR systems available on Gaifong. Here are 10 top games we think you should try!

1. Ocean Odessey — Put on the headset, and you find yourself into a metal cage, being lowered deeper and deeper into the ocean — manta rays, glowing jellyfish, trenches and corals. It’s all there. A awe-inspiring introduction to the world of VR!

2. Driveclub VR — Fancy driving a Ferrari in VR? Yep, we thought so too! The graphics are so realistic that even the reflection in the rearview mirrors and the raindrops on the windshield are realistically rendered. Keep your eye no the road, though!

3. Biohazard/Resident Evil — For thrill-seekers out there, this is a must-try. The latest entry to the franchise features the usual dark rooms, flickering lights, and zombies. The difference? They quite literally jump out at you!

4. Ae Banana — with a bow and arrow (well, plumber, actually), you must prevent a troupe of monkeys from stealing your bananas! Using the two Motion Controllers (also available for rent from most lenders), shoot as though you had a real bow and arrow in your hand.

5. London Heist — the demo disc version includes a shooting range practice. Using two motion controllers, which double as your hands, you can pick up pistols in front of you, load the magazine, and fire at a range of targets that will pop up around you. The reloading action is smooth and intuitive, allowing for a precise shooting experience.

6. RIGS — described as the “mechanised combat league”, this game is a cross between Gundam and Capture the Flags. Sit in the cockpit of your robot fighter, and defeat your opponents in a timed match of strategy and wits.

7. Tumble VR — people are often surprised to learn that VR isn’t just about shooters and combat sports. This title proves that point very well — arrange blocks, mirrors, lasers, to achieve certain goals and targets. The use of space is unique: at times, you need to carefully rotate a block in your hand so that it fits between two pieces! Young kids will love this one.

8. Battlezone — the classic tank game is back in VR! Travel around a map to shoot down enemies using a cannon to Gatlin gun. If you’re lucky, you get an big Electro-Magnetic Pulse!

9. Until Dawn VR — if shooting games is your Forte, London Heist, and you also have a penchant for a good scare, then you’ll love this one. As you sit inside a roller coaster cart, enemies ranging from monsters, clowns, to even a giant ragon, will spring up at you. Duck rafters, and reload as quick as you can to avoid ending up as someone else’s dinner!

10. Allumette — Finally, we’ll end with one of the most creative uses of VR. Allumette (“match” in French) is actually a movie, where you get to change your viewing perspective and move around the characters. Want to see what the protagonist is writing in her diary? You must peer closer and lean in. A guaranteed tear-jerker!

What is Gaifong?

Gaifong is an online platform where you can borrow and lend things from neighbours in our secure environment. The network is currently available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and parts of Australia and Canada. If you’re in one of these places, go to the App store and download the free app, or browse our online catalogue.

Introducing: Gaifong Rewards

The more you rent, the more you earn.

From the smallest travel bluetooth speaker, to the most sophisticated 3D Printers, Gaifong is your go-to place to borrow single-use items. 

Every time you complete a small action on Gaifong—whether it’s posting an item, referring a friend, fulfilling a Wish—you can earn badges and points. Once you hit certain points milestones (see below) you will get a level-up reward. Rewards are in the form of unique discount codes which you can apply to your next rental!

Here are a list of the first 5 levels you can attain. Rewards are giving out via email, so do make sure your email is up to date!

Level 1 (Newbie): 0–2 pts
Just getting started! Earn easy points with badges like Wanderer or Good Student.

Level 2 (Beginner): 3–9 pts
$20 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 3 (Apprentice): 10–79 pts
$50 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 4 (Warrior) 80–279 pts
$100 rental credits off your next rental.

Level 5 (Expert): 280–499 pts
$100 rental credits off your next rental.
Free T-shirt designed by Gaifong!

For more information, consult the Rewards section in the mobile app.

Check out our web catalogue to start browsing!